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't taking any chances. governor bob mcdonnell will declare an emergency later this morning. 9news now's kristin fisher has the latest. >> reporter: well current forecast put the eye of the storm hitting just about 200 miles east of virginia beach but governor bob mcdonnell is not taking any chances. he wants to go ahead and declare an emergency today just in case earl comes closer to making landfall so the national guard and state manual personnel have enough time to get in place if need be. fema is warning people up and down the eastern seaboard to prepare for possible evacuations ahead of hurricane earl. north carolina officials have already issued mandatory evacuation order for the outer banks beginning right now at 5:00 a.m. wednesday. so far virginia has not followed suit but governor bob mcdonnell is warning that evacuation orders are not out of the question for residents along the virginia coast. right now, the category 3 storm just downgraded from a category 4 is expected to brush the carolinas late thursday and then head north hugging the coastline but even without a direct
the carolinas to main. north carolina does have a hurricane watch in place. virginia gov. bob mcdonnell will declare a state of emergency today. the hurricane greatest the caribbean islands, leaving damage, but no deaths or injuries. earl is over the open ocean now and it can wheaton still. it threatens to sideswipe the eastern seaboard. evacuations are underway for n.c.'s order banks in north carolina and south carolina they are bracing. the hurricane could reach 200 miles off of virginia beach, enough to produce minor flooding, have the wind, and a possible storm surge. forecasters don't believe it will make direct landfall. it is supposed to approach early friday. by saturday it should reach new england, where it is more likely to have a direct impact on places like cape cod. courtney robinson reporting. >> you can track girl any time onto president obama announced an end to the u.s. involvement in iraq or anti pay tribute to the u.s. men and women fighters and said it's time to turn the page. >> the president's bill, does president bush used in 2003 to declare war
. she will be the first woman to be executed in virginia in nearly a century. governor bob mcdonnell and the supreme court say they will not intervene. >>> this is the message that lawmakers are hearing for a second day of hearings on capitol hill. top intelligence officials say extremists are looking for help from people within the u.s. borders. in 3 serious attempted attacks in seven months, last september's failed me york city subway plot and the christmas day square and the times square bombing attempt in may. in the last year-and-a-half, at least 63 americans have been arrested or convicted of terrorism charges. --a new and terror rat terrorizing threat is alive then of the experts say american terrorist plots are harder to detect and the government will expand the multimillion-dollar public awareness campaign this fall if you see something, say something. >>>> the shoulders on i-66 are open during rush hour and vdot is considering keeping those open during other parts of the day. they are considering new electronic signs that would warn drivers of any backups and a very speed l
alcohol may be the backbone to save virginia roads. >> governor bob mcdonnell wants to sell the commonwealth's abc stores. john gonzalez breaks down the plan and has weathered drivers think it will work. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell's idea to create $500 million for local highway project is music to the ears of many commuters. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is where the governor wants to produce the revenue that has some skeptical. he is hoping to privatize all state operated liquor stores. >> what happens the next time? >> opposition is growing from the state's restaurants, the wine and beer industry, and conservative churches. this resident believes private stores will lead to more stores, which could be more alcoholism. >> there could be more consumption. >> up to 1000 retail license would be auctioned off, a big jump from the 332 stores that currently sell. >> they do not seem to know how to generate revenue any other way, so why not? >> it could create monopolistic prices, so it is a good idea. about another big concern is while liquor stores could triple in the futur
this morning gov. bob mcdonnell declared a state of emergency in virginia. a hurricane warning was issued for the entire north carolina coast within the hour. evacuation's are underway there already. the storm has battered beaches in the caribbean already. we will get the latest on the storm track from adam caskey in a moment. first, courtney robinson has more on a last-minute preparations up and down the east coast. >> hurricane earl churns up the atlantic, residents in the carolinas are bracing for a whatever this massive storm will bring. >> time for the big one. >> hurricane watches are in place in north carolina and virginia. vacationers began to evacuate the outer banks this morning and others are stocking up. on on long island people are securing supplies to battle begins. on cape cod there taking notes out of the water and lodging for dangerous rip currents in ocean city that it already had lifeguards disease. >> it was scary. i never thought i would be in that position. i was scared. but they got me on it. >> emergency crews worry about this. 135 mile per marlihour winds. thousan
iniciativas del gobernador republicano bob mcdonnell que ha instruido rechazar los permisos de trabajo federales como prueba de permanencia legal en el el . al son de tambores... con canticos... y estribillos de unidad. un gran numero de personas, protestaron en predios de la direccion de vehiculos motorizados de virginia decirle al gobernador de virginia que evite esa ley que quiere implementar en contra de los que tenemos un documento federalmente hablando legal el tps, los de la visa u y la visa t, es un documento federal y es valido para sacar nuestras licencias. la marcha fue convocada por organizaciones pro inmigrantes que piden al gobernador bob mcdonell revierta la orden de rechazar los permisos de trabajo para la obtencion de licencias de conducir. que el gobernador reconsidere esta desicion y sobre todo que aqui el comisionado del departamento de vehiculos haga uso de la razon y sobre todo de las cuestiones legales y no acate la desicion del gobernador consideran que la orden del gobernad
's quarter million dollars life-insurance penalty. >> [unintelligible] >> both virginia gov. bob mcdonnell and the u.s. supreme court refused to halt the execution, but her case has drawn support from supporters at home and abroad, saying that she is mentally retarded and manipulated by a smarter conspirator. they are pleading for her life to be scared. >> she is scheduled to die tonight at 9:00 p.m. at the correctional facility in virginia. she will be the first woman to be put to death in nearly 100 years. >> our coverage continues now. brian todd is in garrett, virginia with more on teresa louis's final hours. >> we are told that she has met with their immediate family, her attorney and spiritual adviser as well. she has a venture -- and essentially resigned to the circumstances. jazz as for a last meal -- she has asked for a last meal of fried chicken, dr pepper and peace. -- peas. we're told that her family will appear today. the daughter said she would witness the best execution. -- witness the execution. it is pretty much unfolding as is supposed to go. she will be put to death wit
because of a computer glitch gov. bob mcdonnell has ordered an independent review of the situation. law enforcement officers in six states are working together this weekend to catch drunk drivers. the effort began yesterday. maryland and virginia state police are among the agencies already in place. we want to return to our top story this friday. hurricane earl is weakening, but the effect is still being felt up and down the east coast. we go back to our meteorologist adam caskey in ocean city, maryland. good to see you again. >> we are on the south end, and this is one location famous for bigger waves. there is a big one coming in. big curlers come around. nobody allowed in the water right now. we could see waves slightly bigger than what we have right now. the worst of the storm is now up until 3:00, 3:30 this afternoon. we're talking steady wind gusts, and at the beach is a little higher than that. now, in terms of rainshowers, take a look at the storms and. -- storm scan. it is 152 miles southeast. the storm is gaining speed and will continue to accelerate, and will pass over 100 mi
a new idea for liquor sales. bob mcdonnell unveiled his plan to privatize liquor stores. he wants to auction off liquor licenses. he is proposing a 4% tax on liquor sold at bars and restaurants. the extra funds will go towards highway projects. >>> are you feeling frazzled? the capital city is one of the most stressed out cities. d.c. ranks 15th out of the 50 metropolitan areas. the analysis looks at unemployment rates, housing costs and traffic. detroit is the most stressed out city. virginia beach and salt lake city had the lowest stress levels. coming up, martin luther king memorial controversy. who is working on the site has upset some people. >> just another beautiful day. how many more will we get? doug hill is back with your forecast. >> mike shanahan speaks out and is very definitive. the nationals and the metts battle it out on street. >>> there is a new controversy surrounding the martin luther king memorial to be placed at the national mall. the controversy is not over the memorial but over who is assembling the sculpture. >> i think they should be hiring americans. >>
por el gobernador bob mcdonnell, senala que reduciria coste energia y mantenimiento, y que motivaria mas a los trabajadores.. otras recomendaciones incluyen eliminar las llamadas gratuitas a ciertas agencias y algunas juntas y comisiones.. mas de mil quinientos gallones de diesel fueron de anne arunde robo mas reciente ocurrio el coles, desaparecieron de un almacen en glen burnie, maryland... otros 740 robados de otra planta en annapolis.. dado al los dos equipos del area iniciaron ganando de local y visita. anoche en el cierre de la primer semana de la nfl, los baltimore ravens aprovecharon la ineficiencia ofensiva de los jets de new york para ganar el primer partido de lunes por la noche de la temporada por 10-9. la tradicionalmente poderosa defensiva de los ravens limito Ó a seis primeros y diez a los jets, que sÓlo pudieron acumular 176 de yardas netas. ademÁs, el conjunto neoyorquino mostrÓ falta de concentraciÓn e indisciplina al 14 castigos para 125 yardas, que regalaron seis primeros y diez a los ravans. en el otro partido los chiefs de kansas city derrotaron 21- 14 a
watch. gov. bob mcdonnell will declare a state of emergency today. further south, visitors are being told to leave the barron islands. >>> president obama announced the end of u.s. combat air operations in iraq after seven years. he paid tribute to america's fighting men and women, nearly two dozen u.s. troops will remain in iraq to help train iraqi security forces. >>> federal agents were back at two in of farms at the center of the salmonella of a break. the fda and the say that agents visited the farms, but would not say why they were there. >>> now to the district's race for mayor. the two main candidates to get ready for another face-off. another newbolt for ways what effect that one of the most controversial figures could face on election day. brianne carter has details from northwest. >> good morning. a lot of people talking about this race and that it could come down to the wire between adrian fenty and vincent gray. if people are talking about what impact it will have and who will be impacted. now we're looking at whether michelle rhee, a school chancellor, could have an imp
, and a possible storm surge. later today, we will see governor bob mcdonnell create a state of emergency for virginia. a watch is in effect for the coast for north carolina and virginia. it is expected to pass late thursday. it has been downgraded to a category three. >> the carolinas to massachusetts, beachgoers are feeling the effects of dangerous swimming conditions. we were there yesterday when lifeguards in ocean city, maryland rescued a man caught in a breath current. --rip currents. you can track hurricane earl by logging onto our weather web page. >>> the time is 6:34 and we are following a developing story from iraq where defense secretary robert gates is meeting with u.s. troops at an airbase west of baghdad. he flew from will -- from milwaukee where he told the american legion that many of the iraq problems remain unsolved. president barack obama spoke to the nation last night from the oval office and announced and end to the u.s. combat mission in iraq. the president paid great tribute to america's, fighting men and women. he said it is time to turn the page. >> good evening,
. >>> in virginia, bob mcdonnell is expected to unveil a plan to impose a 4% tax on all bars and restaurants. according to reports, the 4% tax includes a 1.5% tax on all stores and restaurants that sell liquor and 2.5% tax on the overall annual sales. the money raise would make up for the money lost if the state privatizes the liquor store. he believes the changes could bring in $260 million a year. >>> today may feel like summer but tomorrow more like fall? >> we have cooler weather moving in. right now a front coming into the mountains triggering much needed rain, a couple of little showers down in the southern eastern panhandle of west virginia. that is drifting over maybe crossing into the shenandoah valley. elsewhere, no precipitation, just a few clouds coming through. it's a balmy morning. 76 at national airport, montgomery arlington, in the of 60s. we'll have a few clouds coming through as the weak front comes in. a very small chance of a passing shower, now until around noontime. and then tomorrow, yes, turning cooler after we get into the 80s today. a blustery wind this afternoon wi
driver's licenses and even paying their taxes. governor bob mcdonnell said the company contracted to manage the state computer system northrup grumman will pay for a review. offices are expending their hours for the next couple of days to make up for the outages. we have more information at web welcome back. just click on extras. >>> time now for a quick look at some of the stories making headlines where you live. this is a new section of on our arlington page. we have details of this weekend's give blood, may hockey fundraiser for inova blood donor services. just click on this blue box near the top of the home page and log on and find your neighborhood news at >>> the eye of the storm. coming up topper is back with latest on hurricane earl as it moves closer to our neck of the woods. but first get ready for delays if metro is in your travel plans. a computer alert you -- a commuter alert you do not want to miss. >>> back now with a quick reminder about the weekend commuter alert. five redline metro stations will be closed this weekend for some track and switc
tanto en virginia, activistas latinos se volcaron en contra de iniciativas del gobernador reicano bob mcdonnell que ha ruido rechazar los permisos de trabajo federales como prueba de permanencia legal en el pais..alfredo miranda nos amplia el informe.. al son de tambores... con canticos... y estribillos de unidad. un gran numero de personas, protestaron en predios de la direccion de vehiculos motorizados de virginia decirle al gobernador de virginia que evite esa ley que quiere implementar en contra de los que tenemos un documento federalmente hablando legal el tps, los de la visa u y la visa t, es un documento federal y es valido para sacar nuestras licencias. la marcha fue convocada por organizaciones pro inmigrantes que piden al gobernador bob mcdonell revierta la orden de rechazar los permisos de trabajo para la obtencion de licencias de conducir. que el gobernador reconsidere esta desicion y sobre todo que aqui el comisionado del departamento de vehiculos haga uso de la razon y sobre todo de las cuestiones legales y no acate la desicion del gobernador consideran que la orde
okracoke island. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to declare a state of emergency. >>> we are live in ocean city beginning tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00. our live team coverage continues tomorrow on fox 5 morning news. i guess governor mcdonnell just planning ahead because virginia will be impact the by the storm too, right? >> it certainly looks that way. they've got a hurricane watch now extended for the coastline. as you start to work inland, the effects way be minimized because the wind and the waves and the worst of the effects will be close to the coastline. certainly, it bears watching as it is still a major hurricane. maximum winds, 125-mile per hour gusts. it is still headed generally towards cape hatteras and it looks like it will shoot up just off the coast during date on friday. our weather, switching gears, we'll look at earl in just a second, is featuring more heat and maybe a little more humidity than yesterday. still not bad when you compare it to july and most of august. we are starting off september and our average daytime high now is only, believe it or
husband and stepson in october of 2002. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has turned down two requests for clemency from her attorneys. >>> the d.c. judge in the chandra levy trial will not allow prosecutors to reference certain statements made by the suspect. in 2001, he said he sometimes, quote, cannot control himself when he sees someone alone in a secluded area with something of value. he has pleaded not guilty to levy's murder solve the a tragic house fire claim the lives of a young mother and her two kids. but the mother gave her life saving her other children. fairfax county firefighters found the bodies on the second floor of a home on ha ge. l circle in lorton. 24-year-old ally anderson handed the kids out of a window to their uncle down below. three children made it out alive. she went back for her youngest children and neighbors tried to help them. >> i heard her screaming out. we went to the front door. we couldn't go in because the flame was so high and the thick black smoke and we went to the glass door and it was the same thing. >>
but this morning virginia governor bob mcdonnell is warning there is risk for tropical storm-force winds, some minor flooding and possibly even a few feet of storm surge along the coast. just about an hour ago north carolina officials issued mandatory evacuation order for parts of the state's outer banks, specifically okra coke islands. about 500,000 visitors have been ordered to head back to the mainlands. the residents have the option to staying but officials still asking them to heed these evacuation orders. so far, virginia has not followed suit but governor mcdonnell is warning evacuation is not out of the question for residents on the virginia coast. >>> now the latest forecast put the eye of the storm hitting about 200 miles east of virginia beach but it's still causing some big concern for people planning to encontroversy the last weekend of summer -- enjoy the last weekend of summer and beaches the eastern coast. >> if it is hits landfall we'll leave. >> it's going to be really bad from what i know, from what my mom keeps telling me. >> the last time the national hurricane center sai
safe is your child when strapped into a booster sheet. >>> new taxes bob mcdonnell will unveil today. >>> leader consumer group is giving you the green right to buys a dozen models. they release results from crash tests involving 72 different booster seats. 22 models will be rated as best bets, seven are rated good bets. a year ago nine were good bets and six were best bets. >>> how well do you know the rules of the road? eun yang? a new study sho one in five drivers could not pass a written driving test if they had to take it today. that's about 38 million americans. gma c polled drivers and 73% did not know the safe following distance. 85% of those surveyed did not know what to do at the yellow traffic light. some marked to go through unless it's red. >> i've been behind lots of folks who would fail that test. >> is that right? >> i've been behind you on the road. >> don't even start with me. 6:26, reports of a possible sex assault this morning. >>> we'll up date you on that and also what the pastor of a florida church is saying about the planned koran burning. >> what should be al
on the matter on wednesday night. jackie bensen, "news 4 today." >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to unveil a plan to impose a 4% tax on all bars and restaurants. according to reports, the 4% tax includes a 1.5% tax on all stores and restaurants that sell liquor and 2.5% tax on the overall annual sales. the money raised would make up for the money lost if the state privatizes the liquor store. together he believes the changes could bring in $260 million a year. >>> police in howard county believe a woman found dead inside a burned out apartment died before the fire started. firefighters were called to an apartment in the 6,000 block of majors lane for the report of a fire. when they arrived, they found the body of a woman in her 30s and a man suffering from undetermined injuries. police believe his injuries also occurred before the fire started. they are looking into the possibility that the whole thing may have stemmed from a domestic dispute. mean while, the victim's names have-nots been released. >>> the man accused of shooting at a bethesda woman is waking up in jail this morn
the international space station. in the mid-atlantic, bob mcdonnell plans on declaring an emergency today ahead of earl's arrival. north carolina could be hit harder than virginia. jay gray has the latest on storm preparations from kill devil hill. >> calm seas can't hide the concern as hurricane earl, a major storm continues to close in on the east coast. >> from north carolina, to maine, any of these areas could be impacted and getting people to record they need to get ready now. >> the current forecast track shows earl brushing the coast in the next couple of days. >> it doesn't have to make landfall to have very significant impact. >> north carolina outer banks will like lie be the first to feel the effects of earl. >> i think everybody is concerned. the locals are saying it is teasing us. so we're going to hang out and see what happens until they run us off the island, i
blue. got a clue? get the blue. >>> welcome back to 9news now. governor bob mcdonnell is moving ahead with plans to let virginia state troopers enforce immigration laws. earlier this month governor mcdonnell asked the federal department of homeland security for an agreement that would allow troopers to provide protection of immigration officers. he says it's a common state way to partner to improve safety. >>> frederick county commissioners rejected a move to establish an arizona-style immigration law in maryland. a proposal would have required police to question criminal suspects about immigration status. the hiring of illegal immigrants for day labor projects would also be outlawed. board members rejected the immigration proposals by a three to two margin. >>> according to the federal government, there are thousands of recalled products in homes and for sale on the internet. as lesli foster tells us they are dangerous items that can have deadly consequences but have fallen through the cracks and have gone unnoticedded by you. >> reporter: when 16-year-old danny kasar's parents dro
ever met. >> bob mcdonnell said he found no compelling roon reason to stop the execution. >>> a leesburg man, steven combs lafleur, charged with killing his wife. police arrived to their house and found his wife suffering from injuries she later died from at the scene. >>> a funeral for ron walter in washington, d.c. jesse jackson will deliver the eulogy. hundreds turned out for a memorial service at howard university. walters taught at howard for 25 years. after that, he directed the african-american leadership institute at the university of maryland. >> he was an activist scholar and a scholar activist. he wrote about what he knew. he analyzed about what he knew to be true. >> walters died earlier this month of cancer. he was 72 years old. >>> well, the time now is 5:17. we turn to today's tech bites. facebook on your smart phone, or your facebook smart phone. those stories and more. >> a rumor facebook is building a smart phone. the move would give facebook friends a new way to keep in contact. facebook says the report is not true. >>> apple reportedly looking to sell
. a change is brewing in the liquor business. up mcdonnell unveiled the plan to privatize liquor sales -- bob mcdonnell unveiled a plan. some question changing the restructuring of a system that has been in place for 75 years. >> if it's not broke, why fix it? >> permanent licenses for 1000 stores would be auctioned off. that would triple the number of liquor stores. the governor proposed this idea during the 2009 campaign, saying money would go to $8 billion in transportation needs. also proposed is a 4% tax on liquor. the manager of this bar opposes the idea. >> for people who are losing their jobs, finding it hard to make ends meet, the last thing they need is to be taxed more on something that can help them relax and take their minds off their worries. >> i do go out and it is more money out of my pocket. >> a lot of these small businesses are having problems staying open. increasing costs is not a great move. >> the general assembly will consider this idea in november. if the tax passes, it could go to affect in march. liquor licenses could be available next september. >>> the national m
with no republican challenger in prince george's county. brianne carter reporting live. >>> gov. bob mcdonnell has positive economic news for virginia. state revenues were up 5.3% last month compared with last august. the increase was driven by withholding and sales tax collections. officials are awaiting this month's figures. they will complete the first quarter of the fiscal year. virginia state workers could end up working a full you are 10- hour days a week. -- working four 10-hour days a week. some state offices could be closed on fridays. the governor does not want to cut services. >> they would be driving four days instead of five days so it would save money. >> i think the people would be happy to pay a little bit more money to get the services. >> the governor wants taxpayers and state workers to weigh in on the panel ideas. if the recommendations will be presented to him again on october 15. >>> arlington national cemetery, a washington post reports officials discovered two people were buried in the wrong graves after their remains were exhumed last month. in june the army's inspector ge
with the school. >> this is our music room for the high school. >> bob mcdonnell heads up the charter school foundation. she says the new high school will meet a need within the public school system and hamilton community. >> a charter school is a public school, a place within the public school system where a great idea is given a chance. here in baltimore we have lots of great charter schools. >> schools that take a little bit of the old and new, a place where lockers have now been replaced with sticks pods. -- with student pods. >> for two hours every day, you are with 16 kids and your teacher, and this is your home base. >> at last check, there were close to 500 students on the waiting list. there are five worked -- 44 public charter schools in maryland. to get more information, log onto our website,, and click on education. >> a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. early voting is underway in maryland, with many politicians leading the way to the polls. >> it is great people are coming out. this is early voting, not absentee. everyone has a right to vote early,
sitting in accounts while people have been sitting in traffic. >> reporter: governor bob mcdonnell has ordered his subordinates to come up with a plan within 45 days to spend down much of the money vdot has kept in reserve. northern virginia traffic projects are at the top of his priority list. >> i want to get those hotlines on 95 built as soon as possible. we're trying to do everything we can to resolve this lawsuit and get that done. it makes no sense to have h.o.t. lanes from tyson's to the mixing bowl to run into another traffic jam. you've got to get them built from the 14th bridge south. that's a priority. >> reporter: another priority, expanding i-66 outside the beltway. one of governor mcdonnell's proposals is to limit some of the carryover money to an estimated 60-day needs. democratic delegate vivian watts says that's not enough of a cushion in tough fiscal times. she thinks that that's partly how california got in its current fiscal mess. so expect some pushback from some legislators on the governor's plan to rapidly accelerate highway spending. on the statehouse grounds in
would killed her husband and stepson in october 2002. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has turned down two requests for clemency from her lawyers. >>> a horrific fire in virginia claims the lives of a mother and her two young young children. mom managed to help save her other children before the fire took her life t happened yesterday morning on hagel circumstance until lorton. as will thomas reports, neighbors woke up to sounds of screams. >> when i came out my door, i just saw yellow and started running. >> reporter: friends living just steps away tried desperately to help the mother and children inside who were more like family than neighbors. 24-year-old alli anderson holding her 2-month-old daughter was seen handing her children out of of a second story window one by one to their uncle below. three children made it out alive. >> they were scrai crying. they were scared. neighbors say they saw ally go back for the other two. >> i heard her screaming out. we went to the fronted door and we cooperate go in because the flame was so high and the thick black smoke. we went to the glass
of driver's license that were put on hold. bob mcdonnell has called the be all week long computer failure unacceptable. >>> prince william county planners are considering changing zoning laws for residents to keep backyard chickens. about 10 people spoke in favor of the changes at a public hearing this week. one resident said the current than a wet"mattdder hen." >>> you can get a close look at the national zoo's cops. they are thriving, but they will not be out into the yard until fall. this is your first letter. everybody is doing great. >>> a great errol points to relief for some georgetown residence. this comes after years of complaints. electron mind is being put on m street and wisconsin. -- a left turn the light is being put on m street and wisconsin. >> check out the traffic here on wisconsin avenue parade you see how congested it is heading south. there is a bus in front of us, but the northbound lanes, have they have hard -- they have hardly any traffic. like a beacon to a better life, the green arrow is so new, it is coming as a surprise to some motorists. after years of compla
weekend. tourists come to that area. as for virginia, governor bob mcdonnell is expected to announce a state of emergency later on today for the national guard and state police to get into place an prepare for hurricane earl as it comes through. back to you. >> thank you. >>> you can track earl 24/7 at and for information in the palm of your hand, download the my fox hurricane app. you can download it on itunes. >>> our other big story is the president's speech on iraq. after seven years, more than 4,000 american deaths and a trillion dollars, president obama says america's combat role in that war is now over. he spoke for about 20 minutes last night and didn't declare victory. as fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports, the president said the troops are leaving a more stable iraq. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: for president obama, iraq was a war he did not start but a war he vowed to end. >> operation iraqi freedom is over and the iraqi people have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> reporter: the
. democrat ed houck wants to know if the plan makes sense economically as governor bob mcdonnell suggests. the governor wants to convene a special election to consider the auction. >>> we are on storm alert tonight. topper is looking out for special severe weather in virginia. >> we're looking at a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire metro area until 10:00. let me start with live doppler 9000. most of the activity from 3:30 to 4:00 has dissipated. we're seeing a couple of storms up to the north and this has prompted the warnings for adams and franklin and fulton county until 11:00. we are seeing one storm trying to development, and they are few and far between, near the bend of the river, north of leesberg and near poolesville. i don't see any hail with that particular storm. let's go to the computer and we'll talk about where the watch is. it covers the entire metro area until 10:00. this was the hail today between 3:30 and 4:00 in leesberg and i want to thank chris for sending this in. that is quarter sized hail and that's severe. and when that was happening, they were under a seve
news now on teresa lewis' appeal to stop her execution. bob mcdonnel denied clemency. there's no compelling reason to set aside the sentence confirmed by all appeals in court. >>> have you ever wanted to make a copy of one of those brand-new blu ray dvd's? there's a code that protects it from being copied. well guess what, now that code has been hacked. lindsey explains what that means for the movie industry and movie lovers. >> we searched the web and we got our hands on the code. it looks like gibberish. it's seven pages of letters and numbers, but to the right person -- >> it is the key. >> the cyber security expert. he says programmers could create hardware anyone can use to copy blu rays. >> it might be just as easy as using your dvr. put it on a file sharing site and then thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people will then down load or illegally stream that contents. >> patrick ross at the copyright alliance says when people make copies, it will devastate the movie industry. >> healthcare funds for the carpenters, for the costume workers, all
, if the homes had been required to have sprinklers, that would have held flames down. >>> bob mcdonnell says there will be no confederate history month next year. he was widely criticized when he declared last april confederate history month. he left out anti-slavery language in his proclamation. he later apologized. he declared civil war in virginia month. >>> the military's policy of don't ask don't tell takes a direct hit from a federal judge. this is all about the case of a former major marking wet with it, a decorated air force flight nurse. the pentagon discharged her under the don't ask don't tell policy, but went to court to get her job back. now a judge in washington state has ruled that the pentagon violated her constitutional rights and that she would be reinstated as soon as possible. >>> president obama with strong words for the president of iran. at the united nations yesterday, mahmoud am join dad claimed most believed the united states was mind the terror attack of 9/11. here's what mr. obama had to say about that today. >> it was offensive. it was hateful. particularly for h
. >> tom: in stark contrast to california, virginia has a budget surplus. republican governor bob mcdonnell calls his state the most business-friendly in the country. mcdonnell says low taxes and limited regulation are the keys to virginia's success. but the state also benefits from federal defense spending. while the governor thinks uncle sam should tighten the purse strings, he says protecting the country is a worthwhile investment. >> it really is about what the priorities are. do we want to spend more on entitlements and social programs and any number of other things? have health care reform that's in the trillions of dollars long-term? a $1.7 billion un-funded mandate on virginia? is that where the spending ought to go? or in a dangerous world with a fair number of people who disagree with america abroad, do we still need to maintain a fair level of defense spending? i think that's a prudent expenditure. >> tom: the complete interview with governor mcdonnell can be found on the n.b.r. web site at "nightly business report" on and stay tuned tomorrow for our continuing series, "
on virginia roads. governor bob mcdonnell released the results of a state audit and finds more than $500 million was not spent last year, even the state closed rest stops along some of the interstate highways and postponed maintenance projects. mcdonnell says th sty identified nearly 1.5 billion. it's now available for projects over the next six years. he promises that vdot will award between 8$800 million and $900 million in contracts so that some overdue road construction projects can get started. >>> virginia transportation officials are thinking about opening shoulder lanes to traffic all the tim right now it's only open during rush hour. congestion on i-66 is sobad, u.s. a relatively inexpensive way to increase capacity. but it is expected to cost $8 million. >>> coming up on the broadcast. stink bugs back and bugging a lot of people. >>> facebook users couldn't get updates for hours today. >> oh, my. >>> oh. >> we'll be right back. >>> mixed news on the efforts to rescue 33 trapped miners in chile. the men have been trapped 2,300 feet below ground since august 5th. it was a minor
made on her behalf. however the u.s. supreme court in virginia governor bob mcdonnell refused to stop her execution. the two men accused of pulling the trigger were sentenced to life in prison. >>> and man was hiding in a dumpster when a garbage truck made the pick up. >> he had been compacted several times. he was just begging us to empty the truck. >> reporter: police say he tried to flee after stealing $1,000 of merchandise from wal- mart. >>> and jessica cartalia reports, it's an effort to protect students from concussions, by educating parents and staff. >> reporter: urging congress to considering a bill establishing standards for student athletes who get concussions. >> i jumped up, had an apoaching corner kick. i don't remember everything that followed. >> reporter: during a soccer game, chang suffered a debilitating concussion. >> headaches lingered and i began to forget things. >> kids can get concussions and you don't necessarily have to be hit in the head to get a concussion. >> reporter: dr. dennis crochfield is an expert in concussions. >> any time you hit the floor even
bob mcdonnell is refusing to consider the appeal. louis will be the first one executed in virginia in nearly a century. only the u.s. supreme court could stop the execution. and we can tell you she's convicted of masterminding the hired killings of her husband and stepson in 2002. >>> the woman at the center of the acid hoax is now being charged. she claimed a black woman threw acid in her face. she since confessed to smearing drain killer on her face in an attempt to kill herself. she collected $28,000 after the hoax. >>> investigators believe kenny mckinley committed suicide at his home. he was found with a gunshot wound to the head. teammates say there was no hint, and that he was acting himself. he is the third bronco to die in the past four years. he was 23 years old. >>> should genetically altered salmon be labeled the same way as regular salmon. >> the fda taking up that fishy question. >>> plus -- >> d.c.'s second pediatric room opens. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste. words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and
. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to declare a statewide emergency today. that will give national guard troops and state police a chance to get into place for that storm. now one of the reasons why virginia leaders have been quick to issue the warning is because of hurricane isabel. this is video from september 2003 when the storm hit seven years ago. 33 people were killed. more than half of the state was without power. and the storm left behind more than a billion dollars in damage. later on a state review revealed that the virginia disaster preparedness plan were not set up to handle a storm of that magnitude. at this point there is much more vigilence. a hurricane watch is in effect, along the virginia coast and so they are wanting people to pay close attention to the evacuation plans and also make sure they know of where shelters may be opening and also make sure you have an emergency kit put together for whenever hurricane earl hits. back to you, allison and gurvir. >> thank you, so much, sarah. >>> evacuations are under way in north carolina as hurricane earl approaches the
's primary election. bob mcdonnell, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and newt gingrich also expected to attend. >>> today the u.s. senate passed a bill to give mall businesses -- small businesses tax relief and government credits. it is the latest attempt by democrats to try to turn the economy around. and as candice gibson reports, it comes as both parties prepare for mid-term elections where the economy is the top issue on voter's minds. >> reporter: the president is celebrating a win after the senate approved a small business loan package. >> it's going to make a difference in millions of small business owners across the country. >> reporter: the bigger battle over taxes is still to come. the tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. if congress does nothing, everyone's taxes will go up. republicans want to extend the cuts for everyone while democrats want to exclude families making over $250,000 a year. >> listen, i don't think the president gets it. >> its republicans have made it clear, their priority is no tax cut for the middle class unless there is a tax cut for the
in jarrett. bob mcdonnell has declined a request for clemency by her lawyers. this would be the first execution of a woman in virginia since 1912. out of more than 1200 people put to death since capital punishment was reinstated back in 1986, only 11 have been women. >>> a community is mourning the loss of a mother and two young kids. fairfax county firefighters found their body on the second floor of a home. ally anderson was able to save her three other children. she handed them out to her uncle down below but she never returned when she went back for her other sons. there is a temporary memorial outside of the home. >>> an eviction in d.c. turned out to be a much bigger job than expected. the woman targeted is a hoarder and had enough stuff to fill ten homes. a virginia moving company volunteered to store it. filled up three trucks actually. the city has agreed to store the rest. >>> another big story we are following this morning. the nation's new him law turned six turn -- matt acland is live from the capitol. >> reporter: the new benefits, just to be brief here, parents can cove
said chris christie run in new jersey and bob mcdonnell won a big race. you want to talk to the folks who watch political movements in this country, you talk to karl rove or the folks who really watch politics. they will say the biggest election occurred in -- does anybody know? pennsylvania. does anybody know what happened in the pennsylvania in 2009? no, but it was the most important election. you go back and read the comments from some of these guys, they will talk about it because it was the most high- profile election. what happened in pennsylvania in 2009? we had seven or eight judicial races. we elect our judges, which is not a bad idea, by the way, given what went on here in iowa. we elect our judges. but like executive offices, these are not a very expensive campaign to spend $200,000, and like david said, name recognition is everything. people don't know the positions that these people hold. they are how people feel about the democratic party and republican party, and they are much more reflective of the generic mood of the country. what happened in pennsylvania in 2009, a s
of the switch could save money. virginia governor bob mcdonnell may give state employees a four- day workweek. >> i wish i could do that. >> that is four 10-hour days, fridays off. >> what it is supposed to prove? >> they are saying it would save money. >> yeah, right. i don't believe it. >> reporter: in richmond, the department of planning and budget estimates it would save about $3 million, half it in energy costs. state of utah implemented a four-day workweek in 2008. they didn't save as much as predicted but they did save. a spokesman for the state of utah told me when they implemented a four-day workweek, they were surprised to see they saved money in overtime. their theory is when people are working the longer day, they are watching the clock and after the minutes tick by and their time is over, they're ready to go. >> we actually work an extra hour during the summer so we get out a half day on friday. >> people get really tired and cranky, particularly in government service. >> he so you don't want them there for 10 hours. >> no, i think they need a break. >> reporter: the proposal app
a atheist to do a display. >>> we have a picture of bob mcdonnell's plan to put state owned liquor businesses in top hands. the governor said by eliminating the state's operation of liquor stores, it will transform half a billion dollars into transportation funding for road projects to ease congestion. and an additional 1,000 liquor lices would be available to business owners. the full recorp condition will consider the -- will consider the plan. >>> those from xbox are apologizing to a 26-year-old gamer and a town. josh moore was suspended for violating the online gaming services code of conduct. because he said he was from fort gay in his profile. the company took offense to the name and it turns out the town is real. moore said it took several days to convince them that this is a real town. >> why wouldn't they check it out first? >> because it says gay? >> but they have apologized. >>> and the immigration debate across the country. and now what has been done for the headlines this morning. >>> plus holly is out shopping for art in the morning. >> working out does require me to
has been issued for the virginia coast, we do expect to hear later on today from virginia governor bob mcdonnell about whether or not they're going to issue a warning for folks there in the state, a state-wide emergency. at that point, they would activate the national guard and state police to prepare for hurricane earl has it comes through. back to you. >> can you track hurricane earl at and for up to date information, can you download the my fox hurricane app for the iphone. you can download that on itunes. >>> our other big story is president obama's speech to the country. he declared america's combat role in iraq is over. more than seven years after american troops invaded that country. speaking from the oval office, the president talked for about 20 minutes. for the president, iraq was a war he didn't start but promised to end. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. and the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> the president said american troops achieved th
misunderstanding. >>> a new sleep study >>> our time is 4:45. time to check the stop stories, bob mcdonnell plans to declare an emergency as hurricane earl barrels towards the coast. it could hit the carolinas by late tonight before heading north. no deaths or injured were reporting in the caribbean yesterday. >>> in an address to the nation, president obama formally ended the u.s. combat role in iraq. he says the "u.s. paid a huge price to give iraqis a chance to shape their future" and said america's number one priority is fixing the broken economy. >>> lisa murkowski has conceded to joe miller in the alaskan primary. she trailed miller by 1600 votes. miller was the tea party favorite and endorsed by sarah palin. the third incumbent to lose ary election bid. >>> we are one of the most educated jurisdictions in the nation. we should have a school system at least at the middle of the pack. >> there is a global economy around us. if we don't recognize the urgency of turning around education, believe me, we will continue to fall behind. >>> we utilize our tool as guinea pigs because we couldn't dec
.s. supreme court refused to block her execution, and virginia governor bob mcdonnell has declined two requests for clemency from her attorneys. >>> you hear jon stewart and stephen colbert would bring a big crowd. now a bigger crowd is expected for their dueling rallies next month on the national mall. >> the construction projects some residents say is turning into a nightmare. >> 73 degrees. it's going to feel a lotlike summer today. stay with us for your weather and traffic to the on the 1s. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up lening strong families and hard wk means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tou times i've put education first. we've made record investments in o classrooms... doubled the mber of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now hav the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity invery neighborhd, i know that we must do even better. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagi
, and virginia governor bob mcdonnell h declined two requests for clemency fro her attorneys. >>> this morng a blow to prosecutors in the chandra levy case. we're learning that they cannot use damaging statements made by the man acsed of killing her. ingmar guandique's trial is set to get under way next month. in a pre-sentencing interview for a burglary case in 2001, he told investigators that sometimes he can't control himself when he sees someone alone with something of value. a washington, d.c. judge said there is no compelling need for prosecutors to use those remarks. chandra levy's body was found in roccreek park in 2002. guandique pled not guilty to first degree murder. >>> this morning we're hoping to learn more about the town home fire that killed a moth and two of her young children. the flames broke out at the home on hagel circle. megan mcgrath is live there now with details. good morning, gan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. still no information on what caused this horrible fire. investigators have not released the names of the 24-year-old mother and her two children aged 3 and
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